Souvenir items for sale

Dear Pilgrims,

Greetings from Mongolia, the land of the External Blue Sky. 

We are now a few weeks away from the arrival of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. The visit of the Pope to Mongolia will be immortalize in the hearts of everyone and surely in the consciousness of the Mongolian people, and visiting pilgrims. 

As the cost of preparation for the visit is becoming clearer, we need your help! To qualify to receive a free ticket, and to support the program for everyone to participate, when collecting your tickets, you will be required to purchase a Pilgrims pack. This pack costs 60$ and contains the following items stated below. This will help cover the organizational costs and help contribute to cover the costs of the participation of those who cannot afford to come. 

The visit of the pope to Mongolia will be immortalize in the hearts of everyone and surely in the consciousness of the Mongolian people. To have tangible souvenir of this momentous event we are selling some simple items. It will also help financially the organization of the events. T-shirt (in red, yellow, blue and white), cap (red, yellow, blue and white), pilgrim sling bag, flag (Mongolian and Vatican), keychain, scout scarf, figurine of Mongolian Mary (wooden), and a key chain. It is available in set (all of the items including the booklet for Mass with songs and information about Mongolian Catholic Church) or you can also buy the items separately.

You may place your order before arriving and we will have it deliver in your accommodation. Payment will be done upon receiving the items you ordered when you arrive here. There will also be a souvenir stores in places where there is a public audience of the Pope. We thank you in advance… Keep safe and see you in the land of the eternal blue sky

Souvenirs Mongolia

Selling price per piece:
Shirt- 15$
Cap – 10$
Bag – 10$
Scarf – 10$
Flags Mongolian and Vatican – 5$
Mother Mary – 10$
Pin – 5$
Key chain – 5$
Selling price by set = 60$ (less 10$)

Local sim card

The Apostolic Prefecture of Ulaanbaatar is receiving orders for local SIM cards from pilgrims and journalists. It is a special sim card for the Pope’s Apostolic Journey to Mongolia.

After your registration we are going to send you by email the link where you can order the souvenirs and sim card.